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Hospital Liaison Services

Vaughan PVA maintains a program in which liaison is maintained with all VA Medical facilities within the state, as well as private nursing homes, hospitals and respite centers. Our Liaisons enable us to better communicate with our members visiting the facility and staff in order to maintain a good working relationship, recruit new members, and assist patients to improve the lives of our entire membership.

Areas of Concern and Interest:

  • Care of newly-injured SCI patients
  • Long term care of PVA members
  • Home health care programs
  • Prosthetics and equipment needs
  • Emergency room care at VAMC’s
  • SCI contact teams
  • Recreation for patients and residents

The Vaughan PVA Hospital Liaison representative works closely with the National Service officers to ensure that adequate staffing rates are maintained and treatment is provided to veterans with spinal cord injury or dysfunction in accordance with the highest standards possible.

Hospital Liaison Director
Art Wolf

Vaughan PVA
2235 Enterprise Drive Suite 3501
Westchester, IL 60154
708-947-9790 (office)
800-727-2234 (toll free)