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The Vaughan PVA maintain a program of advocacy in which local, state and federal law will be monitored in order to ensure compliance with mandates relative to accessibility and barrier-free design issues. The program will advocate on behalf of PVA members and all disabled persons using all available resources, including testimony, public speaking, and representation.

Areas of Concern and Interest:

  • Public and private compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act;
  • Barrier-free design;
  • Accessibility of transportation;
  • Building codes;
  • Civil rights, Section 504;
  • Housing for the disabled.

Contact for Advocacy issues and concerns;

Robert A. Arciola
Advocacy Director

Vaughan PVA
2235 Enterprise Drive Suite 3501
Westchester, IL 60154
708-947-9790 (office)
800-727-2234 (toll free)